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Mar 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
government. two words, not good. >> o'reilly for sure criticizes president obama. i think it is fair to stay the unsubstantiated story by "the daily caller" accusing menendez has been discredited but the conservative website hasn't retracted the claim. one admitted to taking money they said they had the wrong hooker and now they say three women acknowledged being paid to lie about having sex with me den nez and his office says this was a smear job. a top law enforcement official reported that a local lawyer said someone claiming to be from the daily caller offered $5,000 to find women to lie about menendez. the caller says that is not true and i find it hard to imagine but the website founded by tucker carlson says it is not independently verified the identities of the women involved in the dominican probe and remains unclear with one prostitute retracting her claim. at this point the daily caller cannot prove the story was true it owes the senator and its readers an apology. >>> imagine running a newspaper key i don't see in buenos aires and getting a call from a subscriber wanting
Mar 24, 2013 6:00am PDT
tough sell. they're very worried about government keeping a centralized database which i assured them wasn't going to happen. this was just the first step in trying to take guns away. i met with the organizers and leaders of the protest, seven or eight individuals and really tried to hear them. we had, you know, i think a blunt honest dialogue. but in the end, you know, they asked could they pray for me. so they put their hands and we all prayed. i mean, they deeply believe that their guns and the second amendment are critical parts of american life. and their integrity and honesty and conviction, you can't challenge that. in the end when they're praying that i'm protected and that my leadership is -- i'm lifted up and supported, you know, i recognize we're not so different, right? we just got to make sure we get to the same facts and, you know, i try to convince them to recognize that the large magazine capacity -- or the large capacity magazines is an inconvenience, but a lot of people in urban areas think that's 30% to 40% of police officers killed in live duty come from high
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2